Simplicity At Home


Hi I’m Sarah. And I have been married for almost 4 years this April to my wonderful husband Joseph, we aren’t perfect and sometimes we disagree but we are always striving to better than we are. We have 2 children Nathan age 3 and Emma 7 months, they bring us much joy in life.

My husband grew up in upstate NY in a large A-frame home-built by his father, They had a couple acres and raised goats and chickens and always had a large garden. He was one of 9 children and was adopted at only a few months old. On the opposite side of the U.S  I grew up in Utah not far from Salt Lake. With barely a half-acre and a typical split level home that belonged to my grandparents whom I was partly raised by. My mother was single when I came about and had a difficult time making it on her own, so my grandparents so graciously let us live with them. I was an only child but always wanted siblings, but after a week at my aunt’s house who had 7 children I was more than ready to go back to my home where I was surrounded by adult conversation and much less noise.

Joseph and I met when  while he was serving his mission for the LDS church in Utah my family thoroughly enjoyed his visits. He returned home a few months after we met and then returned to Utah only months after for a job opportunity. We met  again in the summer of 05′ and this time I was about, we became fast friends that summer. Not long after we met up again we fell very much in love and were married the following year in the spring. We started our family not long after we were married and 9 months later we were blessed with our son Nathan. Now almost 4 years after we were married our youngest Emma is almost 7 months old.

In our family we strive to eat a healthy diet by eating homemade whole wheat products and eating local/(sometimes organic produce) along with Local pastured raw dairy (sometimes) and cultured foods like yogurt. As well as local pastured meat. We do sometimes eat the occasional Hamburger Helper and my husband and so just adores cereal we  but do our best to make most everything from scratch.  We have a wheat grinder and love fresh whole wheat flour, there is simply nothing else like fresh flour! I love to experiment with new foods and probably spent way too much time in my very small kitchen : )

 We currently live in Utah and thankfully are in the process of moving to our first home with a much bigger kitchen for me make lots of delicious food! And this summer we are going to have a very large garden to grow all our favorite veggies eat fresh and preserve.

This blog is merely a space for me to share my simple life at home with my family, my insights on life, new recipes or recipes I just love… I hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to comment anytime I just love feedback!!


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