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November 13, 2010

Weaning my baby girl

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It’s hard in many ways. I knew it would be, she’s actually doing pretty well with not nursing other than at night and naptime. But each time I nurse her I relish it because I hardly do it anymore. It’s crazy because I was beginning to resent nursing because thats all that she wanted to do, not I miss it…

I guess thats to be expected because change isn’t easy, even if you know it’s right. I love my baby girl she is a sweetheart it’s hard to believe she is 15 months already, where did the time go?

at about 14 months old


What I really want

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Have you ever wondered if what you have been seeking or doing is what you really want? Well I have. Most of the time I find myself doing things that I am not so sure that I really want to do and I constantly change the way I am doing things and go back and forth between ideas. I think it must be that I am very easily influenced and I seem to adopt some new idea that someone else does because I might admire that person. My therapist told me yesterday that it reall good that I am constantly aspiring to be better buy being open to better ways of doing things and what others have to say. The only problem is I tend to take it a bit too far…

January 13, 2010

My Goals for 2010

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Here are my goals for this year:

1. Make a menu plan for each week and stick to it.

2. Buy more local food; honey, milk, wheat, eggs, meat, etc…

3. Keep a more organized home.

4. Prepare to Begin Preschool with Nathan.

5. Set up one play date a week for Nathan.

6. Write in my journal each night.

7. Use only whole wheat in my baking/cooking.

8. Use  less refined sweeteners and more natural sweeteners in my baking; pure maple syrup, sucanat, honey.

9. Read to Nathan and Emma each day.

10. Set up a chore chart for Nathan.

11. Back up all of our photo’s and home movies on discs.

12. Save up for a laptop.

13. Excercise at least 2-3 times a week.

14. Be a better wife by listening more to what my dh has to say.

15. Serve those around me by filling a need or want when I see one.

16. Attend church each Sunday.

17. Have family scripture study each morning.

18. Have family home evening once a week.

19. Teach my children the hymns and primary songs.

20. Decorate my house with family photo’s.

21. Work on my hobbies more.

Thats all of the Goals I can think of for now I will update this list as need be.

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